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"Thanks to my mom who put a camera in my hands as a youngster and thanks to my uncle who continually encourages me, I have been able to take the steps to build a career that I love," Tim Gilman gratefully acknowledges.

Taking pictures of Alaskan landscapes and wildlife in The Last Frontier where he grew up fostered the dream and furthered Tim's passion for photography. Encouraging words of family and friends sent Tim off on a 2200-mile road trip after high school, driving south to Seattle and points beyond (otherwise known as "The Lower 48") so he could pursue a career in photography.

Focused, intense, real-world training from The Art Institute of Seattle, along with assisting and managing studios for colleagues helped Tim develop his ability not only to think critically but also act and function creatively with his photography. Today, Tim is dedicated more than ever to transforming familiar objects into fresh images that inspire his viewers/clients with new thought-provoking perspectives.


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